“When Miss Wednesday moved to Austin I was excited because I had followed her adventures in Los Angeles and had considered going there for a professional session.  She always meets clients first before scheduling a time for play.  I much prefer that because we have the opportunity to meet and decide how we feel about scheduling an actual session.  My current fetish is a hard beating with witnesses and/or other participants.  I have had seven serious beatings by Miss Wednesday and the very lovely girls she invites to the party.   It takes me a month to heal and be ready for another session but I look forward to it and I have never been disappointed.  I leave her place sore and happy. “


- Bill


"Some of you may be a little hesitant to visit a domme and while some of your concerns may be understandable, none of them are sufficient justification to miss out on the fun.  I was once nervous but after Mistress Wednesday Chained me down and introduced her arsenal of toys I began to want more and more. If your reading this, you clearly have some interest in BDSM.  Playing with Mistress Wednesday is a great and safe way to begin appreciating your own kinky nature.  You will be surprised by how easy it is fall to your proper place at her feet."