Submissive Ezelle - at your service!  


Hello there!  My name is Submissive Ezelle.  I'm a fun, energetic and creative submissive. I am a light to medium player and am very open minded and happy to learn whatever it is that you would like to teach me.  As a sub I like nothing more than to hear the words "good girl" uttered from the mouth of someone I have pleased. 

I am open to a lot of kinds of play. If you have anything in particular you wish to try, feel free to ask.  


I love the intimacy of one-on-one sessions, but I also enjoy co-bottoming with other submissives or being co-topped by Miss Wednesday. 

General info: 


I am a 5'5", 120 lb,  24 year old punk rock girl with blue hair, fun piercings and awesome tattoos.  You can find more pictures of me in my album.


Things I enjoy:


-   Spanking                            -   Clothespins

-   Crops, flogging                  -   Role play

-   Hair pulling                        -   Collars and leashes

-   Begging                              -   Crawling

-   Bondage                             -  Paddles 

-   Wax                                     -   Nipple torture

-   OTK spanking                    -   Role- Play

-   Ice                                        -   Tickle torture


Things I DON'T do:  


No rough body play (punching or heavy impact toys) unless negotiated beforehand.   No marks, without a marking fee.  NO kissing, spitting, licking, oral body worship, fluid exchange, potty play, choking, biting, piercing or breaking the skin.  NO sex, sexual acts or sexual contact of any kind.


I will do topless sessions but not fully nude sessions.  In other words - my underwear stay on at all times.


Session Information:


Sessions are $175 for 30 minutes or $300 an hour.  I have a private play space in Northwest Austin where I do all of my sessions.  I do not do out-call sessions.   Please give at least 48 hours advanced notice if you wish to book some play time.   If you wish to book a session please send me an email with details about the type of session you would like at